Divine Providence
in Nicaragua

Planting seeds of hope so 

Nicaragua's youth may flourish and grow

Our Mission

Working with in-country partners to elevate the quality of life, hope

and dignity for those living in extreme poverty in Nicaragua

Operating Principles

We believe in maximizing the value of donations and in total financial transparency through the following operating principles:

  • Donations are fully utilized toward aid for recipients - all administrative costs are met directly by the Board of Trustees
  • Almost all of the work involved in fund-raising is performed by non-salaried volunteers
  • Donations are matched with well-defined and structured relief projects so donors know exactly what is being done with their donations

About Us

Our Projects

Divine Providence in Nicaragua works to combat malnutrition, promote education, healthcare and to provide safe haven

Operating Principles

Our organization works with a network of partners to deliver the needed goods and services within our financial oversight and project management  

How to Help

With the support of caring contributors like you, Nicaragua’s youth can take root, flourish and grow

About Us

Divine Providence in Nicaragua, NFP 

was created in 2005. The organization is managed by a Board of Trustees committed to improving the future of Nicaragua

About Nicaragua

 A tumultuous political past and devastating natural disasters have made Nicaragua one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere

Divnic Blog

Check out our Divinic Blog, scroll through our gallery, and see links to videos to learn more about our partners, our projects and our progress

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Divine Providence in Nicaragua

1375 Atkinson Rd, Green Oaks, IL 60048

(847) 573-8672